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We KNOW You’re Preparing for Black Friday, but How Are You Bringing in the New Year???

Of course we are all trying to get through Black Friday Sales, the Thanksgiving holiday, and Cyber Monday madness; but I want you to think just a little farther ahead and consider what you are doing for the NEW YEAR this year!

So many brands and businesses make plans to shift the scene, launch a new product, or create different habits; but THIS YEAR, I’m excited to help A LOT of women, brands and professionals in general to connect and grow their networks, organically!

Exactly one week after New Years Day, we’ve decided to host the Main Event for The Flowhers Awards, and it’s much deeper than just an event. — We are big on CONNECTING people of power and creating safe spaces for those people to work, brainstorm and strategize.

THESE are the Kinds of Things You want to makes Plan to Get Involved with, That can Offer you Real Value and Opportunities connected to Actual People you’ll meet! — That could mean vending or simply attending (with an agenda of course), to make new professional connections and create new spaces for your brand/business to grow!

TheFlowHERS Awards to Debut MAIN EVENT in Atlanta,GA! —On Saturday,January8, 2022, it will bring together, acknowledge, and give #FlowHERS to women dominating in their industry.

Presented by A Publicist-ran Networking Hub (Boss Lady Blvd.) TheFlowHERSAwards is an Elite Networking event and Co-Ed Women's Awards Ceremony in Atlanta, GA. — Professional Women and Men from all over are expected to be in attendance for an evening of fun and celebration, along with many High-Profile Nominees, Special Guests, Performers and Affiliates, along with vibes and sounds by celebrity DJ, Stormy!

This highly anticipated eventwill be hosted by Professor Honey (Nerissa Reaves) and co-hosted by NFL player and recording artist Jordan Moore.— In one place, atThe Legacy Center,attendeeswill be able to enjoy a Floral Carpet experience, free-flowing floor plan,refreshments, full dinner, media lounge, vendors, live performances/interactions, and an amazing award show.Those attending will also be able to make valuable connections and enjoy a night ofunforgettable experiences.

Nominees include Latisha Scott (Love & Marriage Huntsville), Alexis Branch, Chef Dorian Hunter (Master Chef Winner),BlazianBaby Lola,and many more! Nomination ballots are currently open for voting here.Tickets are now available for purchase via Eventbrite.

The purpose of this event is to give these women their #flowers while they are still here. The FlowHERs Awards was created to recognize,acknowledge, and shed light on women in various industries, to show themthat their work matters and does not go unnoticed. Many peopletend to focus on giving flowers when it’s too late & here, the narrative will be changed!The FlowHERs Awardsis an event you don’t want to miss!

This night to remember will go down in history as one of Atlanta’s most memorable and respected events.


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