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Growth And Building

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Welcome to the most versatile and fulfilling communications company you'll probably ever come in contact with. We assist with everything business, from coaching and concept development to marketing, graphic design, public relations and more.

We enjoy the process of helping women navigate their passions and experiences to narrow down a tangible game plan for success and dream manifestation. We specialize in patience and strategy, as well as catered research and project execution.

We assist individuals, brands and corporations with the tools needed for stress-free business management and performance. We help our clients behind the scenes, and on the front lines with minor and major needs. 

We connect professionals to other professionals and useful resources based on their individual needs. We offer a multitude of services, along with options that can accommodate anyone's budget.

PR & Branding as we serve it, is an elite and luxury, dually offered service that assists clients in defining and maintaining their brand story, improving their rapport and connection with their target markets, gaining more exposure through media and collaborations, and more! This service requires a fully committed focus and cooperation from our clients; and an open mind to consider new ideas and concepts that may be outside of your usual comfort zone.

We have a universal client support network that allows for our active clients to cross-network and support collaborative initiatives as they make sense. We also offer a wide range of perks and add-ons that are compliments of Brittany Miller Brand, for the sake of your loyalty and trust. These things may include help with planning your events, or research and planning regarding product development. We urge you to take advantage of our one-stop-shop setup, as simultaneous Branding and PR is an essential combo for next level networking success.

All monthly PR & Branding inquiries require a
30min Free Consultation to initiate services.


These services and prices below are being offered for a limited time only and are subject to change at any time.  By securing any of the instant services below, you are permitting us to email you within 24 hours to initiate your paid services. 


You CAN set your own start date with us once we connect, if it is different from today's date.


You will be asked to complete a full business analysis form that helps us understand your brand, business or person. Our job is to bring your visions to life and help you to create and achieve new goals that can take you to the next level!


Thank you! 

boss lunch.jpg

Boss Lunch w/

Brittany Miller

Meet me in Atlanta! Lets have LUNCH! But not just ANY Lunch! This is a 1-1, face to face lunch meeting and mentorship/consultation session! We will sit down for 3 hours and run through your goals, plans and I will provide a formal "Game Plan" and checklist with gudied timeline for execution. Get the SAUCE for real!


1-1 Consulting

Take advantage of 1-1 calls with Brittany Miller to discuss anything regarding business, lifestyle, or events! This time can be used to get answers to various questions, develop custom strategies, and retain new resources that can assist you with your goals! This is the most affordable DIY route to BMB's Luxury PR and Branding Service packages. 


7 Days Of Branding Vol. 1

7 Day, chronological list of Branding steps and areas of consideration, as it pertains to Branding a New Business OR Re-Branding an existing one.


BMB Pitch Template

This template will guide you along the formatting process for pitch development, and includes style and verbiage guidelines. It is great for connecting with media platforms and potential collaborators.


Logo Design

All Logos come on transparent backgrounds, and come with 3 complimentary social media designs for your use. We do offer revisions if the clients would like adjustments made during the design process.


Business Concept


This is a Full Assessment and Strategizing Phase, where we help you define your brand/business and structure it to function. We help you map  and monetize your ideas into a respectable system.


Brand Image Consultation

We will assess your mission, goals, target market, and your current image/status, and we will develop an Image plan, Vision Board and Brand Design for your business!


Creative Direction

This service is a must for any big campaign projects such as Brand launches, photoshoots, marketing campaigns, and events! This fee covers up to a 30 day period (Up to 60 days for events), includes vision boards, strategy meetings, and on site creative direction.

(travel not included)


Campaign Management

We will manage and kickstart your campaign, whether it is Breaking News, a Concept for the Masses, or an Event/Production! We will map out and plan the steps of execution for Marketing, PR and Collabs! Fee covers a 30 day period.


Website Design

This includes a full Websire design 5-7 Pages, Content Development included, and it includes all necessary forms, links, and payment processing set-up. This service also includes 1 month of basic updates.

All purchases are final, however we guarantee your satisfaction

or will offer you credit towards another service.

Limited Time Offers
Boss Lunch
1 on`1 Consulting
7 Days of Branding
BMB Pitch Template
Logo Design
Business Concept Development
brand Image
Creative Direction
Campaign Mgmt
Website Design

PR + Branding

  • Celebrities

  • Corporate Brands

  • New Startups

  • Press Releases

  • Campaigns

  • Coaching & Development

  • Logos & Websites

  • Business Plans & Strategies

  • Creative Direction

  • Innovation & Development

  • Business Cards & Flyers

  • PR, Marketing & Social Media

Public Speaking

  • Branding & PR

  • Self-Confidence

  • Mindset & Perspective

  • Faith & Purpose

  • Success & Business

  • Entrepreneurship

  • Natural Haircare

  • Womanhood

  • Self-Watering

  • From Passion to Profit

  • Tragedy & Triumph


  • Business Proposals

  • Email Marketing

  • Marketing Copy

  • Ghost Writing

  • Bio Writing

  • Website Content

  • Marketing Content

  • Resume Building

  • Guest Blogging


  • Resume Building

  • Growth Strategies

  • Youth Mentorship

  • PR + Branding

  • 1-1 Mentorship

  • Goal Setting & Achievement

  • Time Management

  • Life Coaching

  • Social Media Training 

(Instagram, Facebook, Twitter) 

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