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EXPOSED is a compelling True Story and Informative Book of Guidance and Inspiration. As a multi-racial Serial CEO, Wife, and Mother of 5 daughters, Brittany Miller openly reflects on her life from her youth, through to the discovery of her purpose. Prepare to be enlightened by the unpredictable characteristics of her journey, and the transparency of her testimony. She will take you through some of her darkest times and most painful memories; you will see how she grew through them and positioned her pain to serve a much greater purpose.  You will feel her triumph over the status-quo, and her resilience through danger and despair; such as the loss of friends and family, anxiety, teen pregnancy, sexual abuse, domestic violence, depression, and suicidal thoughts.


On a lighter note, this amazing Boss Lady keepsake includes in-depth reflections on Brittany’s overall life and business lessons, that help her build her empire, which are conveniently organized in the form of Boss Lady scriptures. — The goal is for every woman who reads this book, to be empowered to live your fullest life despite the obstacles you face. The goal is for you to conquer the attacks of the enemy, while trusting in God’s plan and direction, using your own tests and trials to leave a legacy, and impacting the world on a wholistic level.

Thank You!!!

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