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Facebook: Brittany Miller

Instagram: @mrsbrittmiller

Twitter: @mrsbrittmiller


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I am currently in the process of writing my book, however this is a brief look into my world!

I was born on September of 1989! I am a true Libra, and I am that 80's baby that juuuuust made it! I am Christian, married, and a mother of five girls and one step-son. My journey through life so far has been short but constantly busy. I have experienced, learned and overcome so much in so little time... and I've been told by many, for years, that I am an "old soul" or wise beyond my years. 


I spend my days mothering, catering to a wonderful husband, designing, strategizing, mentoring and ministering to the many women that I cross paths with and serve. I truly believe there is a calling on my life to uplift and empower my sisters. So, here we are! 

​I am also a risk taker, corporate job-quitter, and entrepreneur! In 2013, I walked away from my 9-5 WITH benefits, to chase my dreams, live in my purpose and take as many people with me that want to live freely! 


Now as a Celebrity & Small Business Publicist & Branding Expert, I am proud to hold the position in life that I do, and I strive to help other women experience this freedom.


I started first by becoming CEO of Mothers & Daughters Hair, based and originated in Philadelphia, where I was born and raised. Throughout my interactions with clients I discovered a strong need for positive support and resources for women and togetherness within womanhood in general. I created an online support group that has grown to house over 1,000 women, which has now become the roots of a state-registered, non-profit organization! Keep in mind, hard work really does pay off. I then moved on to network my butt off and landed a few radio interviews with a few legendary people. From there, amazing doors opened which allowed me to be offered the opportunity to create, host and design my own talk-radio show, which I've most recently transitioned into a digital magazine & media platform for WOC! 

In response to many inquires about how I maintain balance and structure within motherhood and business, I was inspired to form Mommy Talks Matter; a Mother-Child Communication support platform. - You see, I spot a need and I find a way to fulfill it!

In addition to these platforms, I own and operate the most versatile and expressive, Boss Lady HUB & SHOP you know; Boss Lady Blvd.! I wanted to create a safe haven for women in leadership to shop our unique needs, and express our Boss Vibes in peace.


Entrepreneurship has truly been a walk of faith for me, but the sky will always be the limit and there is not a day that goes by that a new lesson is not learned. New goals are set daily, and I am always thinking and brainstorming about new projects and ways to improve what I already have on my plate. As I close out my introduction I just want to mention that the support of my family, friends, clients, readers, listeners and followers has continued to humble me and keep my flame lit. Your constant positivity and enthusiasm has moved mountains within my spirit and I sincerely thank you for that inspiration.

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