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Happy New Year!!! — Does BMB Offer A La Carte Services???

Heyyyy BMB Family!!!

We hope you enjoyed your New Year holiday and we are Glad you asked about A La Carte!! We do!!!

We offer individual services, however, like any smart business we offer bigger package deals that include more and are priced to offer a significant savings on things clients need ongoing! - Our All-Inclusive packages offer an unlimited convenience for monthly clients and ongoing access to our individualized services, as needed, throughout the month!

A La Carte Services are great for people who either have a smaller budget for Branding and/or PR, or they are for clients who need a specific thing at a particular moment!

(These are services sold individually and on an as-needed basis.)

Please find the Ad below for more A La Carte services that may not be on the website!



10 flyers/graphics $300

20 flyers/graphics $400

Unlimited Monthly $500

Product Labels:

$100 First Collection Label Design

$10 Per Label within Same Collection


We also offer DIRECT ACCESS to Advertise and BE FEATURED on Woman to Woman Talk Magazine! If you are a Woman of Color and have a STORY TO TELL, BRAND to ADVERTISE, or Important INFO TO SHARE with the WOC Community, this opportunity may be perfect for you! There are LEVELS and we have many!


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