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Clients Support Clients Here!

We are always excited to share with you insights on some of the methods to our madness!! — We’ve always been known to have a large and growing network of professional women, as we do only service female clients!

Many of our clients are drawn to us because of the very accessible web of working women that we have come to not only serve, but connect! — It has always been a part of our company policy for clients to support other clients, because in order to strengthen your character as a BOSS and a LEADER, you have to be secure in working with others and be receptive to new ideas/techniques/trends/patterns!

You have to put your best assets and qualities forward and welcome the next business woman to do the same and meet you in the middle!

BMB Client Ashlee Akins recently connected with BMB Client Urban Not Average (501c3) and was appointed to the Board of Directors in April! She is now hosting her first fundraiser presented by her company, AA Dimensions. She is taking her community outreach work back to her home city of Jackson, TN, and she is donating portions of the proceeds to Urban Not Average!

This is just a typical example of how our clients supporting one another is a mutually beneficial process for all parties involved, as organic and intentional networking produces the BEST results for ongoing public support and a long-term/loyal client base.

To connect with Urban Not Average or Ashlee Akins, please click the links included and/or connect with them on social media via the info below!

Ashlee Akins: IG @_iamashlee007

Urban Not Acerage: IG @urbannotaverage

To VEND for Ashlee’s UNITY IN THE COMMUNITY Event: Email or click the LINK in Ashlee’s Instagram bio.

Event Flyers by Brittany Miller Brand.


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