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You want Growth????? Don’t miss this!!!

One thing I will say about this elevation journey that most of us are on, is that we feel better and do better when we work with the people who’ve DONE IT!! — And not just people that did it before, but those who are DOING it and doing in a major way!!

Let me connect you (if you haven’t had the honor yet) to Billboard Award Winning TV Producer and Philly Media Maven, Shelly Shell Williams!!!!

This woman is doing big things with all the knowledge and experience she has acquired!!! She has crossed paths throughout her career with MOST original A-list celebrities we know! Shelly Shell is well respected for her charisma, her connections, and her natural ability to deliver DOPE news, topics and updates!!!

Best part... she is presenting a virtual Masterclass on MONDAY evening at 7:30pm on ZOOM!!!!! — Now, you REALLY don’t want to miss this if you’re in business of any sort, and looking to expand both your social and resource networks.

Shelly Shell Williams is hosting “5 Profitable Strategies to Repurpose Your Podcast, IG Live and More!” THIS MONDAY, and Here’s How you can secure your spot!

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5 Profitable Strategies to Repurpose Your Shows, Live Stream, Podcasts and Clubhouse Talks to Build Relationships, Maximize Email Marketing, Build organic following on Social Media.

  • Repurpose Content- to Drive your Marketing ROI

  • Grow Your Social Media

  • Win a Spot on the Radio

  • Landing Page

What you'll learn

Five (5 ) Ways to Repurpose Your Live Stream to how Generate a ROI by Turning your life stream into a variety of content pieces, Build Relationships, Maximize Email Marketing, Build organic following on Social Media.


The content that's created from IG and Live Streaming is a crucial piece of organic marketing. A lot of content creators know that it can take a long time to develop one show. Between booking the guests, planning, researching, writing, you could spend upwards of a full day, maybe even a few days, on the entire process.

Then what? Share it’s posted once on social media. But wait there is so much more, you’re content may live on and reach more people. In this workshop, you’ll learn how to increase your marketing ROI by turning that one IG Live, Facebook Live into a variety of other content pieces that can be used to drive traffic, boost social media engagement, educate customers Build Relationships, Email Lists, Grow Your Social Media, Generate Revenue and more.

In the 1- Hour workshop, we’ll cover a new way to transform one of your IG

Lives/Facebook Lives, Podcasts into another valuable content asset. Your project will be to create that new repurposed content at the end of the lesson.

Who is this workshop for?

The class is ideal for content creators, live streamers, TV/Radio Show hosts, podcasters, small business owners, content marketers, bloggers, or anyone in charge of content management.


CLICK HERE to get your FREE Pre-order in for Shelly's New Book NOW by simply upgrading to the $47 Video-Replay access ticket, and you will receive her book for Free!!!

The Media Hustle: It’s Just Business by Author Shelly Shell Williams #PhillysOprah – Billboard Award Winning TV Producer

“How Motivated Media Entrepreneurs Transformed Their Passion Into Financially Profitable Careers"


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