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Ohhhhhh Yes We Did!

Hey BMB Family!!!!

So, we did a thing! — Of course we have been spending the past weeks and months transitioning Woman to Woman Talk Magazine to its own site, yay! That means that it’s old living quarters became OPEN for new use!

It has been on our agenda anyway, to create a standard news blast to keep our clients, future clients and supporters in the know with each of our newest updates!

Here, we’ve started THE BMB NEWSROOM which will be the media house for general Brittany Miller Brand News, Client News, Deals, Updates and Advertisements! We will also be offering this new space for other women in business to promote and spread the word about their products and services. (Of course BMB Clients receive automatic, FREE ACCESS!)

On our FIRST official blast, we are excited to be able to introduce you to an amazing opportunity to support another WOMAN IN BUSINESS, for FREE!!!! — Please see below to brief yourself on this pioneering wellness woman, and the honor she has received for the opportunity to be AWARDED in her community and industry!

Khadijah, CEO of Savane Wellness, is a wife & boy momma, who is falling in love with conquering how to love on herself. SavaneWellness products are designed to nourish a woman’s body, her womb & overall well-being through reconnection to herself. The womb is the heart & the heart is the womb, and when you bring awareness to either organ, you honor your wholeness and divine feminine power.

As a Womb Practitioner, Khadijah understands that releasing NEGATIVE energy and emotional TRAUMA is apart of WOMB HEALING! Learning how to nourish and cleanse the womb is just the beginning to self love!


Have you had a chance to check out The Flowhers Awards yet????

Access our Ticket Links, Forms and Award Nominee Submissions by clicking Here.


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