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FIX THE ROOT of the Problem, Queen!!!

Heyyyy BMB Family!!!!!!!

Happy Saturday!!!! — You know I’m always coming with the great opportunities and ways to SAVE on those opportunities too!!

I am so excited to have partnered with Nerissa “Professor Honey” Reaves to bring this amazing opportunity

Within the next 60 days, we would like to help 100 WOMEN enroll in a “done for you” credit restoration and education program with Professor Honey’s Credit & Lending.

This is an opportunity for women who have made mistakes in the past with their credit to get a fresh start with a new, higher credit score.

With this new score, we plan to help these women transition into our first time home buyers division so that we can help them purchase homes or transition in our new entrepreneurs program for business credit & funding.

With this promotion, $100 will be taken off the enrollment fee for each Boss Lady making the enrollment! Only $189 instead of $289.




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