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BOOK COVERS Designed, DRAMA Defined!!!!

Heyyyy BMB Family!!!!

Here we are AGAIN! Always moving and shaking with something amazingly AMAZING!!!!

We’re excited because our client SLICK DA KING has finally SHARED the Great News and Big Announcement that his book is ready to be released!!!!

We’ve worked long and hard on this project and the vision he has behind it all is what sold me on taking on this huge honor!

It was our pleasure to map out the plan for his book Covers (both front and back) and then Graphically Design them for release!!!!

As a FICTION BOOK that embodies NON-FICTION energy, it needed a powerful yet unique cover, so we worked with The Passion Xperience talent agency to cast the perfect model/actresses for the job, and I pulled out my Creative Director hat, linked with my Team Photographer and got to work!!!!

Behind The Scenes Footage

About The Book

To the world, the successful ladies of Bosses of Atlanta have it all: Money, Power and Respect! But like most things in the Atlanta Reality TV world, things aren't always as they seem. Although their lives appear to be filled with elite parties, champagne and entertaining catfights, these women are hiding deep, dark secrets that they would kill to protect. That is, until a new and anonymous blog,, hits the Atlanta gossip scene and has a front row seat to their lives. One by one, Houdini spills all the piping-hot tea on their pasts and presents.

As the tea slowly spills out, their worlds are changed forever. Despite usually being at odds, Bosses’ HBIC Veronica Belmont and her castmates must form an alliance to find out who the elusive Houdini is and how to stop them. The tension and stakes get higher and higher, as they film the season, leading up to a finale that no one will ever forget!

Inspired by his years as a Reality TV Blogger and Media Personality in the Atlanta entertainment scene, Slick Da King brings us a pearl-clenching tale of the scandalous side of Reality Television that most never get to see. He takes you behind the scenes and dives into the reality of what some will do for fame and fortune! Sex…Lies…Crime…Betrayal and more! Go beyond the cameras and you find it all in The Secret Lives of Atlanta!


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