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Black Writers Weekend 2022 by Tamika Newhouse is HERE!

From Teen Mom to CEO by the age of just 20, Tamika Newhouse, now the author of 18 novels, has landed on numerous best sellers' lists and is the winner of 7 African American Literary Awards.

Only nine months after debuting her first novel in 2009, she landed a major publishing contract without an agent and went on to become the CEO of Delphine Publications. She became a huge staple in the rise of black fiction writers and contributed to the demand for "urban fiction" in the 2010s. To date, she has published nearly 300 books, launched the careers of hundreds of writers, and developed a powerful organization in the publishing industry, AAMBC, that has honored literary legends such as Nikki Giovanni, Zane, Francis Ray, and Teri Woods.

Adweek called her, the Shonda Rhimes of Black Publishing, and Adcolor nominated her as Innovator of the Year in 2020 for her work with her festival, Black Writers Weekend.