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The Brittany Miller Brand is a mother-brand that houses 5 companies and 1 non-profit organization. The entire mission is about using our gifts and experiences to help other women and businesses succeed and manifest in their purposes. We are Owned and Operated by CEO, Brittany Miller, and assisted by a small, rotating team of PR/Branding interns. 

We are a full service communications and women empowerment brand covering PR, Branding, Media, Marketing, Lifestyle, Beauty and Fashion! Our motto here is that #WEALLCANWIN, which we are using our newest platform, Boss Lady Blvd. to magnify that portion of our message.

We do not have an industry niche as to our fields of service, however we do have a common denominator within each of our companies, which is women empowerment and business growth services.


Brittany Miller has been a full time entrepreneur since 2013, and has never had a side hustle or 9-5 to support her growth and success. We believe in the power of transparency and authenticity, as well as support and excellent leadership within womanhood, to increase our elevation as a culture. 

We are one of the few companies around that go above and beyond for our clients, and we never service anyone without doing a little extra. Our business model is not lucrative due to popularity, but due to quality, passion and God's grace.

Brittany Miller Brand

PR + Personal & Business,

Positive Growth & Branding Services

Let's #BeWomen, Inc.

Non-Profit Organization for

Women's Holistic Wellness and Support

Mothers & Daughters Hair

Natural Hair Styling & Maintenance Service

for Mothers and Daughters

Woman to Woman Talk 

Celebrity & Public Figure Digital Magazine

for Women of Color

The Flowhers Awards

2 Part, Dual City Event and Formal

Award Ceremony for Women


Boss Lady Blvd.

Expressive Hub + Shop 

Selections for Boss Ladies & Female Leaders

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